September 01, 2015

*$ALE* on ©NatureLady Art & Tagging Contest!!!
Buy 1 Photo Pack orTube
Get 2 *FREE*
Contest Rules
Max size of Tag is 600 X 600
Formats  Accepted: .JPG, .PNG, & .GIF
You can Enter as many Tags as You like
Each Tag using different ©NatureLady Art
Grab Debi's FTU Art in the MTA FTU Art Group or HERE
Name on Tags:   
NatureLady / Debi/DebiAnn
(And it would be lovely to have one for My Tubed Art)
* * * Send Entries to: * * *
Contest Closes on: Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015 @Midnight EST
Prizes Include: ©NatureLady UL's,
©NatureLady Photo Packs & MTA Gift Vouchers
We can't wait to see what You Create!

August 29, 2015

*NEW* Releases from ©Moshilove!!!

August 28, 2015

*HUGE* ©BitsNBobs $ALE!!!
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Hello everyone.
If anyone would like to purchase a membership to get all
My content now and new goodies
They can do so for only $60
$25 for 3 days only

For this you will not only have access to my tubes and kits
But also  to all my CU posers, CU elements and CU Clipart.
You may purchase for yourself or for a friend.
Remember Christmas is just around the corner so this
Will also make a great present or competition prize ;
Anyone interested please email me direct
Thank you